Guide - Laravel for Digital Transformation.

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Guide - Laravel for Digital Transformation.

The most crucial decision to make in a web development process is to choose the right company that shows it’s cognizant of your business needs and sets your website up for success. This guide is designed to enrich your knowledge base if you are looking to develop your website using Laravel but do not know what to expect from an IT partner.

Laravel is an open-end platform offered by PHP for the creation of seamless web applications. PHP offers many other frameworks but what sets Laravel apart is its simple straightforward developer experience and elegant toolkit that results in the creation of powerful web applications without compromising on the web app’s functionality and features. The adoption of Laravel development for business apps comes in very handy given the features and conveniences it contains for exquisite and sleek web application development.

Who is Laravel for?

Although, PHP offers many other development frameworks with amazing benefits but Laravel makes the design and development so easier that results in the development of beautiful and blazing-fast web applications. The competitive edge Laravel has over other frameworks is dedicated dependency manager, separation of codes, modular packaging, routing services, unit testing, and multiple ways to increase relational databases. Below are the type of websites that are made using the Laravel framework:

  • Beauty & Industry: 21%
  • Arts & Entertainment: 6%
  • Shopping: 5%
  • Telecom & Internet: 5%
  • Others: 62%

Key benefits of using Laravel

Following are some of the key benefits of getting your web applications built using the Laravel framework:

  1. High-performance Websites: It is observed that the web applications made on Laravel perform much better as compared to the counterparts of Laravel. It is because of the caching system of Laravel. Numerous cached items are stored on a file cache driver. This gives you the ability to rapidly create apps. In today’s world where the IT market is fragmented, it’s not enough to have a great product idea without the course of its implementation. A few years later, a new venture enters a market with a better idea and implementation process and you might end up losing your share in this million-dollar market. Laravel facilitates the process for web applications to load faster and give a seamless user experience to your customers.
  2. Security is Highest Priority: Web developers know what security means for a web app owner. Imagine you own an e-commerce store and you get to know your customers’ information suspiciously got leaked as a result of a cyber-attack on your website, what options do you have? This is not just a security breach but an identity theft that can lead to potential lawsuits and probably the close of business for your company. It’s better to choose a platform wisely while you plan a web application for your business. With Laravel, you get unmatched security protocols that secure your website from possible cyber-attacks.
  3. Laravel is Cost-Effective: With no extravagant costs and effort, Laravel lets you develop easy to use, multilingual, efficient, and safe web application. With Laravel, the scope and scale of your company will significantly enhance the legacy of the MVC concepts. Also, security features design, template, and configuration are available from the Laravel migration service provider.
  4. A lot of Plugins: Laravel comes with a lot of plugins, some are free and some are paid. These plugins let web developers optimize web applications in the way they want.
  5. Simple and Flexible Interface: One of the many advantages of Laravel development is, it has a very simple and flexible interface that attributes to an aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich, and scalable website that will ultimately increase the user engagement with your business.

What Future Laravel Development Holds:

Being one of its own kind, Laravel holds its stature as one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world. The simplicity, functionality, and clarity that Laravel offers are matchless. This is the very reason the developer community around the world backs the use of Laravel development for web applications. Laravel supports the developers in creating clear-code web applications in lesser time.

Laravel is commonly used because it is covered by different types of organizations, sectors, and enterprises in several web-related projects of varying difficulty. Application solutions on the Laravel website continue to grow and demand worldwide. Laravel will only flourish and establish its community in the years to come.

Work with us on your future projects

SoftCircles is a leading Laravel development company based in the New York, USA that provides the best Laravel development, design, and customization services. With over 10 years of expertise and extensive research background, we have been able to develop proven methods that work for our clients. Having worked with clients from different industry backgrounds, we love to maintain long-standing relationships with our clients, and to exceed their expectations every time.

At SoftCircles, the security of our clients’ projects are our prime focus and we make every attempt at our end to make highly secure and stable web applications for you. This is why we encourage the use of the Laravel framework for the creation of web applications.

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