Vue.js – Enter the world of simplicity, user-friendliness, and quick deployments.

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Vue.js – Enter the world of simplicity, user-friendliness, and
                  quick deployments.

Vue.JS is a JS progressive framework for the development of front-end interfaces of web applications. Alongside Angular and React, Vue.js is one of the most famous front-end frameworks. It was developed by Google’s ex-developer Evan You by combining the best features and specifications of Angular and React. Vue.JS has become a growing sensation for the developers’ community and for those businesses that are looking to get their web and mobile applications built quickly, reliably, and on a budget. There are a few reasons for this but the major reason behind it is its capability of being a highly adaptive, scalable, and lightweight framework that supports the creation of amazingly-fast and robust applications without compromising on the features.

Vue.JS was launched after a year of Facebook’s React Native and since then it has received immense applaud and backing from the global community of web and mobile app developers. Since its launch, many software development companies around the globe started offering Vue.JS development services and trying to take the lead over their competitors to be called the best Vue.JS development company.

In this article, we will discuss salient features of Vue.JS and will share seven reasons why your business needs to hire a Vue.JS Development company to improve its processes. So, let’s get started.

Why Choose Vue.JS?

In this section, you’ll find out some amazing features that Vue.JS offers and why you should it as well for your business.

  1. . Vue.JS is Lightweight:
    The weight of Vue.JS can be lowered down to 18 -20kb which makes it 2x less in size than its prime counterpart ‘React’ which weighs around 38 – 40kb. This amazing size reducibility makes it the top choice for software developers. Moreover, Vue.JS requires far less coding than React JS. This feature really stands out in making Vue.JS a very scalable and performant framework.
  2. .It’s Performance-Oriented:
    Performance is a key factor in deciding the fate and success of any application development which cannot be compromised at any cost. If you want your business application to be vibrant and performant, Vue.JS is the right framework to go for. It is noticed that, because its size is much less than its competitors, applications made on it run faster and perform better than Angular and React.
  3. . It’s Universal:
    What makes Vue.JS the right choice for any application development is its capability of being highly-adaptive that makes it the best fit for any size, the scope of application development due to a simple core and a suitable technology stack. Vue.JS comes with out of the box components and plugins that can be optimized in any sort of app development project.
  4. It’s Flexible:
    Apart from being universal, Vue.JS development is very flexible and suits application development projects of every size and scope. Vue.JS is best considered to develop quick MVPs, SPWA, and outsourcing/out staffing current app development project to another team.
  5. It’s Popular:
    The community of Vue.js developers is the fastest-growing among the Big Three JS frameworks. It is used by business giants such as Nintendo, Adobe, Grammarly, 9GAG, Alibaba, and Xiaomi. For a framework to be successful and problem-solving, its community plays a very vital role. A large community means there are a great number of developers that are available to help each other.
  6. . It’s Innovative:
    At the moment Vue.JS is equally popular to React JS and its community is growing at a rapid pace. At the same time, what makes it very adaptive is its proper documentation and complete availability as it’s an open-source framework.
  7. It Allows Fast Development:
    Vue.JS allows a fast development process that enables developers to both debug and work on any app effortlessly. It is a great platform for those businesses that are looking to get their applications developed in short time periods.

Why is it necessary to hire professional Vue.JS services?

Several companies are actively providing Vue.JS app development services, but to be able to get in touch with a company that can be trusted, and is aligned with your business goals is something valuable to have at your disposal is hard.

Following are a few things that set us apart from the competition.

  1. Providing Value:
    Our core mission is to have fully satisfied clients and to create value in each project we undertake. We like to play our part in building a tech world devoted to the social good. We are a company that emphasizes providing value to your money that you spend on your project with us. This is the reason we have a great client retention rate and the majority of our work comes via referral channels.
  2. Keeping the Communication Swift:
    We understand the value of communication during a software development project and to avoid any discrepancies, we have a swift communication channel established at SoftCircles that lets our clients have smooth and swift communication with our project management to stay updated about the project development phase. We allow our clients to get in touch and talk to us whenever they want and we make sure to address any concerns they have.
  3. Fast Development and Launching:
    We know businesses nowadays want their software development projects to be developed and launched in quick succession from a Vue.JS development company. We have proved methodologies in place to ensure the quick development of web/mobile applications of any size and scope. Moreover, we allocate a project manager to each project which helps our clients to be aware of their project development status and delivery time.
  4. Tech aficionados:
    We offer an extremely talented team of full-stack software developers that are familiar with JavaScript and its frameworks. Working in a particular language, our developers aim to provide maximum utility to our clients. Vue.JS is one of our prime specialties thus we make sure our clients enjoy the smooth-going of their projects.
  5. Budget and Pricing:
    Although it’s tough to quote a fixed budget on Vue.JS development services as it changes with the scope and size of a project but, we allow our clients to get the benefit of our ‘fixed-price’ model that enables them to involve in a detailed pre-development discussion to decide the scope and budget of the project. Once agreed, we’ll aim to spend your entire dedicated budget according to the scope of the project to make sure your project turns out to be the same as you anticipated it. We’ll never charge anything extra than what we decide and that’s what makes us the right choice for any business application development.
  6. Hands-on Modern-day Technologies:
    No business would like to hire a Vue.JS development company that still uses obsolete technologies to build web and mobile applications. At SoftCircles, we have a handful of experience of using modern-day technologies and we are equipped with the latest infrastructure that supports the development process.

Let’s discuss the next steps.

If you are looking to get an application developed on Vue.JS to help your business overcome any existing challenge, you can setup a quick meeting with our business development team that is available round the clock to help you with any query. Normally, we start by allowing you to have a free estimate of your project according to your project’s scope and size.

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